To provide grants to students working on interesting projects in the Ethereum / decentralized technology space.

What does the project fund do?

In addition to distributing grants, the project fund also matches these projects with mentors and other resources that may help in the process of building and shipping a decentralized application or research project. The ETH University content team will also work closely with the projects receiving funding to help with initial publicity.

Who is this for?

In short: any students — or “student-aged” people — who are working on cool web3 projects!

We are not picky about what form your project will take: web-based dapps, infrastructure, research projects, games, and open source work (among other things) can certainly qualify. We do, however, give strong preference to teams that do not already have a funding source. If you’ve already raised substantial grant money or an investment round, the ETH University grants program is probably not for you.

The grant program is agnostic towards a project’s commercial viability; there is no need to include a business plan, go-to-market strategy, pitch deck, etc. in the application. We prefer projects that are building something with technical or social appeal, regardless of how much money it can make. Projects intended to be public goods are especially welcome!


The purpose of ETHUni grants are to encourage builders as they work on the initial version of their idea. ETH University grants are typically $1000/month per project, dispersed over four months.

To received continued funding, participants in the grants program will need to submit a short progress report each month, and present at occasional demo days.

The grants are far more than just monetary support — grantees are inducted into the broader ETH University community. This includes an invite to our discord server, the opportunity to participate in the ETH Uni theory and philosophy reading groups, and access to occasional in-person events. Grantees will also be matched with mentors from the ETH University community.

What is ETH University?

ETH University is a community focused on introducing students to the Ethereum developer ecosystem. We’re student-run and hyper-focused on developing a high-quality, high-signal community of technical students working on projects in the Web3 space.

Made possible by the generous support of Ethereum Foundation and 0xPARC.

Application Process

Applications to the ETHUni project fund are due on March 15.

Apply here: https://airtable.com/shrNfnAnUiy1bCH7u

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